Artist Statement

My sculptural practice wrestles with the construction and deconstruction of relationships, home, and identity. My work lives in the tension between joy and discomfort, contentment and disorientation, isolation and service. These paradoxes are explored in visceral structures on a bodily scale. Decay and new growth are represented in boats as emotional and physical passages, totems and bowls for centering, and houses that honor the pain of love. Paper vessels allude to physical and emotional skin with surfaces of linen, paper, vines, and sand. Skeletal frameworks allow air and space to flow through them. My current project uses clothing as a framework for self-definition. Clothing holds memory, becomes a façade or imaginative persona, and protects the body. It can take risks, affecting power as well as embodying feeling and pleasure. Strong and fragile materials embody vulnerability and resilience.

I work across weaving, knitting, fabric art, painting, sculpture, and installation. Common materials, like paper bags, insulation board, cheesecloth, and chicken wire transcend and retain evidence of their origin. Materials are bound together by wrapping, gluing, tying, and sewing. Scraps of torn linen wrap around voluptuous folds of shiny pink polyester. Wire and fabric twist together in dance-like gestures. Collaged clothing fragments echo stop-motion animation in gesture and movement. In a collaboration with a sound artist for a 2023 installation, my voice became my newest medium, filling the air surrounding the objects with fragments of personal narrative. The sound was triggered by the movement of the viewer’s body as they got close to the sculpture, as though my voice was in their ear.